Shelton Laurel Creek

Shelton Laurel Creek is a cornerstone for fly fishing in Madison County. The creek is stocked in the Belva region and that's where you'll find some of the easiest water access spots and parking. See map below to see where to park and fish exactly.

Nearby Big Laurel Creek merges with Shelton Laurel Creek, be sure to check out the Big Laurel page for info about fly fishing there as well!

Bring your waders and be ready to catch brookies, browns and rainbows. Shelton Laurel Creek is probably the most popular fishing location in the county due to it being heavily supported by the hatchery and because it is easy to access the creek.

The water here is crystal clear and anglers can often spot schools of trout maneuvering up and down the creek. Remember though, if you can see the fish then they can see you.

Spinners and top bait work well here. Find yourself a nice hole, set up camp and you'll likely find yourself landing a good-sized trout.

Shelton Laurel Creek and Big Laurel Creek are relatively shallow. These creeks are excellent for both beginner and veteran anglers.

Hitting the creek early? Visit the nearby Laurel River Store for some tasty coffee at this local favorite spot.

Note: There are no waste receptacles at this fishing location, please be sure to not leave behind any litter.

Be sure to swing into nearby Hot Springs, NC before or after going fishing for a cold beer and meal at one of several delicious eateries.

As shown above, there are plenty of parking spots along Shelton Laurel Creek and Big Laurel Creek.