Still-water Fishing

Max Patch Pond

Max Patch Pond is a 1.5 acre body of water that lies just 1/4 miles north of the Max Patch Hike parking lot. It's extremely peaceful, has two docks and is stocked occasionally with brook, rainbow and brown trout. Be sure to check the stocking schedule here to see when the next batch of fish is coming.

Max Patch Pond is perfect for a day of fishing with kids and afterwards be sure to zip up to the Max Patch summit for an amazing 360 degree view of the Appalachian Mountains.

Anglers can expect to find a wide range of fish sizes in Max Patch pond. There are plenty of young, smaller trout in the pond but a patient fisherman can land trout as large as 12" in length.

The pond is small and anglers can easily walk around the perimeter to find the best spot to catch fish. In the spring and summer you can expect to see massive tadpoles, the splashing of fish and hear the sounds of nature uninterrupted.

Fish can be found throughout the pond but many prefer to lurk near or under the main dock. On a sunny day you'll be able to see where the fish are and can adjust accordingly. The fish will bite at an assortment of bait here, nightcrawlers and powerbait in particular are successful at getting bites.

There are no trashcans at this pond, please be sure to not leave any trash behind and keep this pond beautiful!

Parking is limited at Max Patch Pond. The map to the left indicates where 2-3 cars can park next to the pond. There is more parking available at the Max Patch trailhead if needed.

The gravel road to get to Max Patch Pond (and the Max Patch trailhead) is winding and can be rough in some areas. Use caution when ascending and descending this road.

Be sure that you plan beforehand as there are no available restrooms, gas or food near this secluded destination.